Renshi Maria (Fournier) Price

Brief info

Renshi Maria (Fournier) Price began her karate training in 1992, at the age of 3. It has been a lifelong journey that included earning her junior black belt at the age of 10 followed by her adult black belt at the age of 16. She began assisting as an instructor at the age of 12, and was leading classes by age 16. She enjoyed tournament competition throughout high school and college, earning the triple crown in IPPONE in 2011 with sparring, kata, and nunchaku. Her real passion in karate has always remained teaching others. When you come through the school she will be the first instructor that you meet as she will take you through your introductory lesson. She is also the head instructor for Tiny Tigers (age 3 & 4), Little Ninjas (age 5 & 6), and will teach the other kids, teens, and adult classes on a regular basis.